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600x1200 porcelain tiles, the best-seller of 2024

best seller

In the world of decoration and construction, 600×1200 floor tiles have become the top-selling large-format tiles this year.

More and more countries are exhibiting this elegant and majestic porcelain at renowned ceramic fairs around the world. The variety of designs on the market and its great resistance make it the best friend of interior designers. Its characteristics allow it to adapt to almost any place you can imagine, from home kitchens and luxury restaurants to dream pools.

Advantages of porcelain tiles 600x1200mm


These versatile and elegant 1200×600 floor tiles offers a number of advantages that make it stand out from other options available on the market.

Aesthetic appeal

Larger tiles, such as porcelain tiles 600x1200mm, have fewer grout lines, which gives a smooth and visually appealing surface. Almost any room will look more open and spacious with large format tiles.

Easy and effective tile cleaning

The 60 x 120 cm tile is easier to clean than conventional small tiles, as it is made of porcelain and has a significant joint saving. This is a point to consider for maintenance, as joints are known to accumulate dirt and germs.

More Design Possibilities

1200 by 600tiles have an ideal size for creating sophisticated and varied designs, taking advantage of the full potential of digital printing, the cutting-edge technology of the ceramic world. This is very limited in small pieces, which condition the design resources and force the use of more conventional graphics.

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