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What are the advantages
of large tiles kitchen?


A sense of spaciousness

One of the highlights of a kitchens with large tiles is the sense of spaciousness they provide. By using these tiles, you can make even small spaces look larger and more open.

The visual continuity created by large format tiles helps to optically expand the space. By reducing the number of visible joints, visual interruptions are avoided and a sense of fluidity and spaciousness is promoted in the environment.

In addition, if the large format kitchen tile is white, this effect is multiplied, leaving a space with a clean, bright and spacious feel.

Modern and aesthetically pleasing

One of the advantages of using large ceramic tiles for kitchen is that they create a smooth, visually appealing surface with fewer grout lines. These large, elegant tiles give your space a contemporary and modern look.

The possibility of achieving a modern and aesthetic look is becoming increasingly accessible thanks to the wide variety of large format tile options.

Through the advanced digital printing technology in the manufacture of tiles, it is possible to obtain designs that imitate with great realism various materials, such as marble, cement or wood.

Jointless continuity

Large format porcelain stoneware tiles break up the visual distraction of grout lines, creating an illusion of extra space. Less optical discontinuity (fewer grout lines) between the tiles makes it easier to achieve seamless continuity in the design.

In addition, our large format kitchen tiles are all rectified, ensuring a perfect finish with almost invisible grout lines.

We recommend using epoxy grout with a similar tone that matches the décor, ensuring antibacterial and heat-resistant joints.


Cleaning wall or floor tiles can be a challenge, especially in areas such as the kitchen, which are prone to grease stains. Keeping these areas clean is essential.

Thanks to the reduction of grout lines, less effort is required to keep your tiles tidy and clean. If you opt for large format porcelain stoneware for your kitchen, you will enjoy a hassle-free cleaning and be able to devote your time to the things you love most.

Faster installation time

Another advantage of big tiles kitchen is that they are easier to install than smaller tiles. A large floor area can be covered with a smaller number of tiles.

In addition, having fewer grout lines also saves you time and money on grouting.


Features that long kitchen tiles must have

Not all large tiles are created equal, and it is crucial to consider some key features when choosing them to ensure an optimal result.

Here is what you should keep in mind when buying them:

Size and proportions

There are many different sizes in the world of large format tiles, and the size you need for your countertop, island, or kitchen floor may not be the same.

For this aspect, if you are not sure, we recommend consulting a professional in the sector to create a perfect and functional design. Fortunately, you have at your disposal a specialized team that will be happy to answer all your questions about your project for free.

Strength and durability

The kitchen is a high-traffic area that is constantly exposed to moisture, heat, and grease. This makes it especially important to choose a durable tile.

In the market we find different types of tiles, such as white-bodied, red-bodied, and porcelain. For kitchen we recommend porcelain stoneware to ensure high durability and resistance. In fact, at Porcelánicos Gran Formato we have chosen to work only with this material, to give the best quality to our customers.

Ease of cleaning

One of the advantages of large porcelain stoneware in the kitchen is that, by reducing the joints and not being porous, it facilitates cleaning, without the need to use special products.

Always check that the tile you are buying is porcelain and if possible combine it with epoxy grout to ensure the best hygiene in the kitchen.


To ensure that the joints are minimal and the finish is the best, always remember that the best large format porcelain tile must be rectified.

This means that it is rectified once production is finished, leaving straight edges and precise finishes.

*Our collections are always rectified.

Recommended thicknesses
of kitchen big tiles

Recommended thicknesses

When you are thinking about buying large format tiles for the kitchen, it is important to consider the appropriate thickness for each area and surface.

Here are some points and recommendations from a professional point of view to help you make your decision, although it is always best to contact our team to verify the individual conditions of each project.

Kitchen islands

When making a kitchen island, we can use XXL porcelain, but always keeping in mind that the thinner the tile, the greater the risk of breakage. Therefore, it is stipulated to always use tiles at least 9mm thick.

kitchen tiles big
large format tile kitchen

Furniture refinishing

For furniture cladding, it is recommended to use thin tiles. With a reduced thickness, you will get an elegant and sophisticated look. In general, a thickness of about 6mm is sufficient for these purposes.


For kitchen floors, greater strength and durability are required due to the constant traffic and weight they support. To ensure the proper stability and resistance, it is recommended to use large ceramic tiles with a thickness of at least 9mm, although the most important thing for floors is the correct placement.

When a piece on the floor breaks, it is usually because of mortar gaps in the base at the time of placement and there is no even distribution of the weight of the piece. This point is very important and should be taken into special consideration, always trust a professional for installation!

large kitchen tiles
big kitchen tiles


When it comes to kitchen walls, you have more flexibility in terms of the thickness of the tile. You can opt for 9-10 mm tiles, so you could use the same product that is used on the floor or on the island, for example. However, if you are looking to maximize space and reduce weight, you can use thinner tiles, although this may increase the price of the tile.

kitchen large tiles that are trending


Extra large kitchen tiles have become a trend that you can’t ignore. The right choice of tiles can make a difference in any space, and large format tiles offer a striking and contemporary aesthetic.
However, in the kitchen, large white tiles are the ones that are catching the attention of interior design experts and enthusiasts alike.