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Large format wood look tile designs and finishes

Designs and finishes

The large plank wood look tile is a warm and versatile option to beautify your home with a touch of nature and elegance. Its captivating designs and finishes open up a range of possibilities, providing a surprising effect.


At the heart of every home, the kitchen becomes an ideal setting to show off the large-format wood-effect porcelain tile. Its different designs, inspired by the warmth and authenticity of natural wood, give this area a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.

large wood plank tile


The bathroom is a corner of tranquility and relaxation, and the large-format wood-effect porcelain tile can transform it into a haven of peace. With its finishes and tones, you can achieve a natural and serene effect on the walls or the bathroom floor. A paneling that emulates wood in a rustic bathroom will give a feeling of being in a natural refuge.

large wood tile

Living room

The living room is the place where we share unforgettable moments with family and friends. Large format porcelain imitation wood can be the ideal choice to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this area. With a wide variety of styles, from dark and aged tones to lighter and more contemporary designs, you can adapt the porcelain to the decoration of your home.

large format wood look porcelain tile


In bedrooms, wood tones can add a touch of charm and comfort. Choose a soft and relaxing design to create a serene, restful atmosphere. Combine this flooring with warm colors and natural accessories to achieve a harmonious and relaxing space.

large format wood look tile

Advantages of porcelain long wood tiles over conventional wood


Porcelain tile is a ceramic material that has become one of the most popular choices for flooring. Its appearance, strength, and versatility make it ideal for creating warm and elegant environments. But, what are the advantages of porcelain tile over conventional wood?

Perfect Imitation

One of the main advantages of porcelain is that it can perfectly imitate wood, both in its texture and color and grain. There are ceramics that reproduce different types of wood, from the lightest and warmest to the darkest and coldest. Thus, you can choose the style that you like the most and that suits your decoration.

It's more durable

Another advantage of porcelain is that it is more resistant than wood. Porcelain stoneware does not scratch, warp, burn, or stain easily. Additionally, it can withstand changes in temperature and humidity, making it ideal for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Natural wood, on the other hand, requires more care and maintenance, and it runs the risk of deteriorating or even rotting if it is in a humid environment.

It is easier to clean

Los azulejos que imitan a la madera no absorben líquidos ni suciedad, lo que mantiene la higiene de la superficie. Basta con pasar un paño húmedo con un producto neutro para mantenerlo como nuevo. La madera, en cambio, necesita de productos específicos para su limpieza y protección, además de evitar el contacto con sustancias abrasivas o corrosivas.

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