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Differences between porcelain imitation marble and natural marble


The debate between porcelain marble and natural marble has been a hot topic for those looking to beautify their spaces with elegance and distinction. Both options have their merits. That’s why we’ll explore the fundamental differences so you can make the best decision when choosing the perfect cladding.


Large format marble effect tiles, using advanced digital printing techniques, achieve an astonishing similarity to natural marble. Every vein, tone and texture of the marble is meticulously recreated in this ceramic material.

For its part, natural marble exhibits its own unique beauty, with natural variations that make it a unique work of art in each piece. Both materials lend a touch of luxury to any space, but porcelain offers an advantage: as it is manufactured, the exact design can be selected, avoiding surprises in terms of patterns or tones.


Natural marble is known for its timeless charm, but it is also porous and more susceptible to damage such as scratches and stains. On the other hand, marble effect large tiles are a durable option, resistant to abrasion, scratches and stains, thanks to its non-porous and resistant composition. This feature makes extra large marble effect tiles an ideal choice for high-traffic areas or homes with pets or children, as it is easier to maintain and lasts over time.


Natural marble requires meticulous care to maintain its original appearance. It is necessary to seal it periodically and use specific cleaning products to avoid damaging its delicate surface.

On the other hand, a large format marble look tile is much easier to maintain. It is enough to clean it regularly with water and mild detergent to maintain its shine and splendor, without the need for special treatments or worries about persistent stains.


Natural marble, with its exclusivity and unique beauty, is often more expensive than large format marble porcelain tile. The latter offers a more affordable alternative without sacrificing elegance and style.

While natural marble can be a valuable investment in certain projects, porcelain is a more economical option for those who want to achieve a luxurious look without breaking the bank.

large format marble tiles types

porcelain marble types

Large format porcelain marble tile is an extraordinary option for those who want to add a touch of sophistication to their spaces, combining the beauty of natural marble with the versatility and durability of ceramics.

These are the most popular types of marble used in the manufacture of porcelain marble.


Calacatta is a calcitic marble that stands out for its elegance. Its white surface, dotted with fine veins in soft gray tones, reveals a unique and captivating aesthetic. But what really makes this marble special are the subtle brushstrokes of amber and gold tones, which radiate luminous flashes throughout its composition.
Our Calacatta marble porcelain product contains the beauty of the original calcitic marble. Its unique features, inherited from marble, stand out for their unparalleled sophistication.
In addition, thanks to digital printing, unique and innovative tones can be achieved that can give a 360º turn to the space design.


Travertine marble is a natural stone that has been appreciated for centuries in architecture and interior design. Its particularity lies in its pores and veins that give it a unique textured appearance.

In our pursuit of offering quality and authenticity, we present the imitation of travertine marble in porcelain, a material that stands out for its resemblance to natural stone, without sacrificing its practical benefits and durability.

It should be taken into account in designs that want to convey warmth and naturalness. The most common colors are usually in a scale of browns and beige, although in porcelain stoneware a multitude of different tones can be recreated.

Ivory Cream

Spanish-origin Ivory Cream marble is distinguished by its characteristic ivory color with soft veins. Its warm tones and unique shine give a feeling of luxury and distinction to any space in which it is found.
Our porcelain imitation has been designed to capture even the smallest detail of the original marble, allowing you to enjoy its splendor without compromising the durability and practicality that porcelain offers.
It is a very versatile finish, combinable with a wide range of colors and styles. Depending on how it is accompanied, it can be classic, modern or minimalist.


Statuario marble, with its exceptional beauty and timeless durability, has been a preferred choice in architecture and design for centuries. Its distinctive features, such as its pure white surface and delicate grey veins, make it an emblem of elegance and sophistication.

We offer products of the highest quality and authenticity, and we are proud to present Statuario porcelain, a material that captures the essence of natural marble without sacrificing strength or practicality.


The Carrara marble is characterized by its almost veinless whiteness, and fine grain with a floury appearance. It is a very appreciated material for its elegance, luminosity and purity, which has been used in masterpieces of sculpture such as Michelangelo’s David or Trajan’s Column.

But if you want to enjoy the beauty of Carrara marble without giving up the advantages of porcelain, we have the perfect solution for you: the imitation of Carrara marble in porcelain.

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