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Design ideas of big terrazzo tiles

Design ideas

Although large format terrazzo is mainly perceived as something of old floors, there are currently modern designs that can surprise us. Below, we will show you some environments that will make you fall in love.

Trendy terrazzo tiles large

Large format terrazzo look tiles are making a comeback in the interior design world. The secret to these pieces, once thought to be forgotten, is their ability to blend the modern with the classic.

With the advantage of porcelain tile being able to create designs to suit, it has become a highly versatile option with a wide variety of designs and colours.

Why choose terrazzo-effect tiles over traditional large scale terrazzo?

There are many reasons why we might recommend starting with tiles before terrazzo. We’ll explain the most significant ones below.


Large terrazzo tiles are low-maintenance. However, natural terrazzo requires sealing and regular polishing to keep it in good condition.

It is much less heavy

A piece of porcelain tile is much lighter than a piece of terrazzo, which makes it easier to transport, install, and cover more surfaces.

Safety in design

When you buy classic terrazzo, it is difficult to get exactly the design you ordered, as it is a mixture that is made in the factory and not a fixed design graphic.

With a terrazzo effect tile, there are no limitations. You can let your imagination run wild and create spectacular pieces and patterns.

Frequently asked questions about terrazzo large format tiles

What material are the terrazzo large tiles in this collection made of?

Our tiles are made from porcelain stoneware, a hardwearing and high-quality material.

Can it be wall-mounted?

Yes, our large terrazzo effect tiles can be installed on walls. Always check the thickness of the tile on the product page for correct installation and space planning.

Can this be used outdoors?

Porcelain stoneware can be used outdoors without any problems. However, if it is for a walkway, it is recommended to use an anti-slip rating of R10 or R11. You can find this information on the project page in the symbols section.

The best value for money on large scale terrazzo tiles

In our specialist large format tile store, we have the best value for money products on the market for this type of material. If you already have a budget from elsewhere and think it’s better, you can discuss it with our team without any obligation.