600x600 floor

600x600 floor tiles

600×600 floor tiles

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Design ideas for large floor tiles 600x600

Design ideas

One of the most popular large-format tiles in interior design is 600×600 (large floor tiles 24×24). Its versatility makes it perfect for any finish and room. There are countless colours and effects that can be adapted to your project. The images below are some examples of how our tiles look in different environments.

Frequently asked questions about 600x600 ceramic floor tiles

Why your store has cheap floor tiles 600x600?

We are a medium-sized company that believes that the most important thing is customer service and efficiency. Our headquarters is located in the same region as the most prestigious Spanish factories. This, and a strong relationship with them, allows us to ship directly from the factory to the customer’s location, avoiding many unnecessary transportations and intermediaries that generate additional costs.

We have professionals who speak different languages, allowing us to reach many more countries than our competitors. In addition to this, we have a policy of fair prices, where the margins are reasonable without “inflating” the price unnecessarily. We believe that, with the impeccable service of our professionals, being honest and transparent will bring us enough customers to continue maintaining these very competitive prices.

What material are 600mm floor tiles made from?

Our tiles are made of porcelain stoneware, which is a durable material that is resistant to heavy traffic, scratching, and moisture.

Do porcelain 600x600 floor tiles need maintenance?

No, porcelain tile doesn’t require maintenance, just standard periodic cleaning.

Can this 60x60cm floor tiles be used on an outdoor floor?

Porcelain tiles can be used outdoors without any problems, the only thing you need to bear in mind is that they must be slip resistant to an R10 or R11 rating. This is indicated in the product page symbology.

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