600x600 WOOD

wood tiles 60x60 cm

wood tiles 60×60

Catalogue of 60x60 wood tiles

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WOOD TILES Design 60x60 cm

Design ideas

Be inspired by these environments of our products and fall in love with your next tile.

Assured Realism

Our products made of porcelain stoneware are high quality, with a realistic wood effect to maintain the natural design with excellent performance.

Frequently asked questions

Do 60x60 cm parquet-effect tiles need maintenance?

Our porcelain stoneware tiles are designed to require minimal maintenance. Just a standard sweep and occasional wipe down will keep them looking as good as new.

Do your shop's 60x60 cm parquet tiles come rectified?

In the vast majority of cases, yes. On each product page, you’ll find a section called “symbology” where you can find the main features of that specific tile. You’ll see a symbol with an “R” which indicates that the tile is rectified.

Why are the prices so cheap?

Our office is located in Castellón, Spain, the city with the most well-known factories in the world. This allows us to have direct contact with the factories and ensure the quality of our products.

Our low prices are due to the fact that, thanks to this direct relationship with the factories, we can ship directly from their warehouses to the location of your project, avoiding unnecessary intermediaries.

By not having a physical store, these costs are further reduced. However, you can request a visit to our offices to meet our team. We would be delighted to welcome you.

Get personalised attention from a wood effect 60x60 tile expert

We offer an unbeatable customer service. You’ll never be attended by a depersonalised machine, we always provide personal and professional care. Our agents can speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Contact us with no obligation and completely free of charge.