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Large bathroom wall tiles

Large bathroom wall tiles

Catalogue of extra large bathroom wall tiles

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Spectacular finishes of large tiles for shower walls

Spectacular finishes

Designs of big bathroom wall tiles

Frequently asked questions about big wall tiles for bathroom

What material are our large format bathroom wall tiles made of?

All our large bathroom tiles are made from porcelain stoneware. This ensures high strength and a high-quality finish.

Can all tiles be used in the shower as well?

All of the collections in this catalogue are suitable for both bathroom walls and shower walls. We recommend that, even though a large format tile has few joints, you use epoxy grout for greater hygiene in the bathroom.

Why are your large format porcelain tiles for shower walls so cheap?

We are a Spanish company with direct dealings with the most prestigious national factories. This allows us to send directly from the factory to the destination address, without the need for intermediaries who could increase the cost of the process.

Do you have any questions about ceramic tiles for shower walls?

If you have any questions about our large porcelain tiles for shower walls, please contact us and a specialist will be happy to help, without any obligation or cost.