600x600 terrazzo

terrazzo tiles 600x600

terrazzo tiles 600×600

Catalogue of 600x600 terrazzo tiles

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Advantages of terrazzo 600x600

If you’re wondering whether to choose a terrazzo effect tile or an original terrazzo, here we’ll show you the advantages these characteristic tiles have over the classic.

Long-lasting and durable material

Our tiles are made from porcelain stoneware. This material has the advantage of being more durable than conventional terrazzo. They are more difficult to scratch, can be used in high-traffic areas and outdoors (always check the slip resistance if it is for flooring).


Being a non-porous surface, it is resistant to most stains and is not as delicate as conventional terrazzo. It does not require sealing, polishing or maintenance beyond regular cleaning.

Design certainty

When conventional terrazzo is manufactured, the exact designs cannot be controlled, so there is always a small element of risk that the finish, colour or even the shapes of the terrazzo may not be to your taste. With porcelain stoneware, this is not the case. There is absolute control over the design, so you know that what you have ordered is exactly what you will receive.