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Large bathroom floor tiles

Large bathroom floor tiles

Catalogue of big bathrom floor tiles

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Designs with bathroom large floor tiles

These images are ready to wow you with their designer décor. One of these bathrooms could be yours!

Frequently asked questions about large format bathroom floor tiles

Do I need the tile to be slip-resistant to put it on the bathroom floor?

Although it may seem logical to put a non-slip tile in the bathroom floor, it is not recommended. A large bathroom tile floor, such as ours, only needs to be matte to be placed on the floor and not slip with normal indoor use (R9). In addition to being more expensive and not being necessary in these circumstances, a non-slip tile is always more difficult to clean.

Of course, it is recommended to follow safety instructions, such as using a bath mat when getting out of the shower.

Does it need maintenance?

No, as it is a tile that does not absorb moisture, it does not require any additional maintenance beyond routine cleaning. In the bathroom, it is recommended to use epoxy grout so that the grout is also as durable as the tile.

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