Large grey bathroom tiles

Large grey bathroom tiles

Featured big grey bathroom tiles

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Frequently asked questions about large bathroom tiles grey

Frequently asked questions

What colour shall I put the grout?

Normally, a grey similar to the tile is used, or a shade that you want to stand out from the range of greys, although you can use whatever colour you like.

In these cases, it is more important to focus on the type of grout. Epoxy grout is much more durable and hygienic than conventional grout, which is very important in a wet area such as a bathroom.

Are the grey big bathroom tiles in this collection suitable for use in a shower?

Yes, our large format grey bathroom tiles are made from porcelain stoneware. The low porosity of this material makes it ideal for the the area and you will get a beautiful large grey tile shower.

If you are going to use it for the shower tray, it is recommended to use an R11 anti-slip finish, but if it is for the wall, it does not need to be.

Recommendations for a small bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom look bigger using large grey tiles, we’ve got some tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Use light greys

Light colors make a room feel bigger. In the case of greys, a light grey can be a better choice for adding a touch of extra visual space to your bathroom.

Glossy better than matte

Although a matte finish can look very modern, a smooth and shiny surface reflects light better, both natural and artificial, thus improving the brightness of the room. This helps the bathroom look more radiant and spacious.

Vertical pieces

If the ceiling is low, vertical rectangular large grey bathroom tiles in the wall area will create a visual illusion of more space.

Don’t use extra large tiles

There are a variety of sizes within large-format tiles. If the bathroom is very small, you could use the smaller ones, such as 600×600, 800×800, or 1200×600.

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